The Future of Music

Hello world…

While I hesitate to start another blog while my original blog is updated so infrequently, I still have two primary reasons to do so. I have always wanted to have a bit more focus than the scattershot approach I have taken over at Struggleville.  The choice seemed natural,the intersection of my two primary interests, technology and music, has become a fascinating one over the last decade. We have seen the distribution model (nearly) completely turned on its head. Where are things headed? Is DRM on the way out and what might be next? How can I best support the artists I love? What are the newest music tools and toys? All questions I look forward to exploring here?


One Response to “Hello world…”

  1. This should be fun! Doesn’t hurt to get focused every now and then…

    A: What is 61,000?

    (see below)

    Q: What is he total number of copies sold last week for the #1 album on the U.S. album sales chart?

    I think “(nearly) completely” sums it up nicely. We might find more bands touring… to pay the rent. I’ll keep an eye on your blog to find out where things are headed.

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